Euroführerschein - European Driving License

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Rewriting/ Transferring of Driving License  Fahrschule Ingmar Ferber, Müllheim

The national driving licence is 6 months valid. ( starting from the date of the first registration in the residents´ office in Germany)

Applicants from European Union member States:

Owner of driving licences from European Union member countries are entitled to drive with this driving licence in all countries of the european Union member States.

Persons from non-member states:

The foreign driving licence is valid is for 6 months. After the 6th month you must proof a German driving licence. There is different handlings, so contact us for further information.

Rewriting / Transfering of your driving licence depends on the country you are coming from. We inform you detailled which measures are necessary to archieve a German driving licence.

Visit us - we will inform you what to do!

We can give you information in English and Croatian language!

Do yourself a favour and ask us before spending too much time in the offices of official authorities.

Be aware that standard training is often not enough in order to archieve the driving licence and pass theoretical and practical exams. We will help you pass the tests to get the German driving licence.

The theoretical examination can be taken in several languages:

English Greek Italian Polish Russian Potuguese French Spanish Romanian

With the experience of many years - also in cooperation with lawyers and authorities - we could nearly solve all problems of our participants in the past.

Call us or visit us for advice! Consultation is free of charge!

fon: +49 7631 – 9 360 390

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